Desi Desi Gibson
Senior Technical Consultant
Document Management Specialist

Desi has been working to support Plextec’s customer base since 1996. Always ready with a smile on his face, Desi is passionate about customer service and doing a great job for his clients. With over twenty years’ experience in the insurance industry, and an extensive knowledge of Document Management systems and user support, he brings a great IT knowledge base to his work and excels at solving customer’s issues efficiently and effectively.

After work, Desi can’t get enough of riding his Harley Davidson, travel and finding new adventures, playing hockey and volleyball, and most of all spending time with his wife and children.

Melissa Melissa Ladouceur
Director of Operations

Melissa Ladouceur has been Plextec’s Director of Operations since 2002, and brings extensive experience in account and operations management to her role. Those who work with Melissa know she is fantastic at implementing organizational systems and keeping things running as efficiently as possible. Her patience, fun personality and quick response to whatever needs to be done are the key to making everything run smoothly.

Originally from Australia, Melissa loves travelling and experiencing new cultures, eating and making great food, learning about interior design and home renovations, and football. In her off hours she completed an interior design course and would secretly love to transform many of her friends’ homes. When not at work, Melissa can be found attending her sons’ football practices, skiing, or enjoying a quiet Sunday morning reading the newspaper while her 13 year old son makes pancakes.

Todd Todd Ladouceur
Director of Technology
Virtualization & Storage Specialist

Todd Ladouceur, Plextec’s founder, believes in providing paradigm-shifting solutions that provide our clients with the best possible solution for the best possible cost. With a background in Electronics Engineering, Todd has worked in the insurance IT industry for over twenty years and knows the business inside and out. He thrives on working with both people and technology, determining what the REAL problem at hand is, and explaining the solution in clear and understandable terms.

A real tech whisperer, Todd at the same time advocates only using technology where it makes sense, and derives great satisfaction from putting everything together to make tools that work for your business.

Todd grew up on a farm in Southwestern Ontario and moved to Toronto, then Kitchener, to follow his career passions. When he’s not at work, he’s still living and breathing technology, constantly seeking out new concepts and different ways to look at things. During the few times he is spotted not working, he enjoys spending time at home with friends and family, riding motorcross bikes in the country, eating really good food, drinking good coffee, attending the occasional concert from rock to jazz, visiting different countries, and – oh! – talking about technology.

Francisco Francisco Vidal
Support Engineer
Broker Application Specialist

Francisco Vidal, a trained computer systems engineer, works to provide IT support for the insurance broker industry at all levels, from desktop applications to networks and servers. He loves working in such a dynamic environment, and being able to constantly seek out new technologies and ways to solve client and industry issues. He is particularly well-versed in broker-specific applications and his customers greatly appreciate his “magical” ability to address their technology needs.

Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Francisco first moved to Canada seeking opportunities for himself and his family, and to get away from the heat! His easygoing nature fits in well with the Plextec team – he’s always looking for the best in people. Francisco spends his time playing with his daughter, going for a walk with his family at the park, researching new technologies, and working on his extensive comic book collection. He wants to let everyone know that it’s ok if you don’t know how to say his name properly when he meets you!

Search Sean Picard
Support Engineer

Sean Picard, brings an education in Computer Networking and a wide range of customer support experience to his role as Support Engineer. Sean is invested in industry-leading technology and innovations, with a strong drive for finding innovative ways that it can be incorporated into our solutions. Combined with a keen eye for details, this makes him a strong new addition to the Plextec team.

When he isn’t practicing his skills to eventually become a starship captain for StarFleet, in his spare time Sean likes to watch the newest movies, experiment with the latest tools and tech, spend time with his dog, and last but not least… enjoy the sun! Born and raised in Innisfil, ON, we welcome Sean as he makes his change to the big city living.